Worried About Hitchhikers On Your Live Christmas Tree?

Ah, Christmas time. Time for joy, music, parties, bright decorations, and… bugs? Yup, while some people prefer an artificial Christmas tree (less mess, no watering, etc.), many people swear by a real Christmas tree. Aside from the wonderful pine smell, they say there’s something magical about a real tree. One downside of a real tree is the possibility of unwanted guests, and experts in pest control in Pasadena will tell you if you have them.

Does My Tree Have Bugs And How Do I Tell?

Any live tree carries the possibility of having bugs on it. This is normal since trees are their natural habitat. That being said, there are ways of telling if your tree has bugs and what type they are. Most are small and harmless.
The first thing you should do is inspect the tree before you buy it. Bring a flashlight to inspect the inner branches. Even in the daytime, this is a good idea, since it’ll allow you to see in the shadows.
Don’t bring the tree in right away. Leave it in your garage for a couple of days. Shake the tree before you put it in your garage, and then again before you bring it into your house. Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any bugs that may fall out of the tree.

Types Of Bugs

Here are some of the types of bugs that may be on your tree. Most are small and harmless to humans.
First are aphids. These guys live by sucking the sap out of the tree. They’re tiny, only a few millimeters in length, and can be green, brown, red, or black, and may have wings.
Next up are adelgids. The wooly-looking wax they cover themselves with will look like a dusting of snow on the branches. The insects are either yellow or purple. They’re found at the base of the needles.
Spiders will take up residence in your tree to feed on the other insects that are there.
Pine needle scale eggs look like flecks of paint on the needles. Needles affected by this will drop off early. If the eggs hatch, the bugs are tiny and red.
If you notice a bird’s nest in the tree, choose another. These can have mites and parasites.
Bark beetles are brown and around the size of a grain of rice. They probably moved in before the tree was harvested. They like moist wood, so they pose no threat to the wood in your home.

Need Pest Control In Pasadena?

If you notice you brought in some unwanted guests along with your Christmas tree, or you realize you have a pest problem, we are here to help. Contact us anytime for a consultation.

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