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Which Pests Are the Most Destructive?

In Maryland, there are many pests that homeowners may encounter, but not all of them are equally destructive. Some create damage, some carry disease, and some do both. Which pests are the most destructive? At Raven Termite and Pest Control, your pest control in Maryland, their professionals can help eliminate pests and educate homeowners on which ones cause the most damage.

Outside Pests – More About Pest Control in Maryland

Starting outside your structure, there are a number of pests that can damage your landscaping. Which pests are the most destructive outdoors? The most destructive include the following:

  1. Aphids: these minuscule bugs, often called tree or plant lice, feed on your trees and are considered the most destructive outdoor insects in your landscaping.
  2. Eastern Tent Caterpillars: considered social creatures, these pests build huge web-like nests in your trees which can damage limbs, and they are voracious eaters that can strip trees of leaves quickly.
  3. Japanese Beetles: these small beetles are also big eaters and target a number of trees and plants in Maryland.
  4. Gypsy Moths: these flying pests lay eggs in tress and plants and can do a great deal of damage feeding on your landscaping.

Indoor Pests

Moving inside your home, there are a number of destructive pests you can encounter. Which pests are most destructive inside? Among those are the following:

  1. Termites: termites can get into your home and create a great deal of damage to the structure by eating away at your framework, walls, and floors. These insects do a great deal of damage when unchecked.
  2. Rodents: mice and rats can damage your home and can spread diseases.
  3. Cockroaches: while cockroaches do not tend to cause structural damage, they are a sanitation hazard.
  4. Ants: colonies of ants can cause a great deal of structural damage as they invade any space they can get into in your home.
  5. Spiders: spiders do not cause issues structurally; however, the black widow spider is a venomous spider found in Maryland can can be found inside or outside your home.

Taking control of pests that can cause damage or illness in your home is as simple as making a phone call. Contact Raven Termite and Pest Control, your pest control in Maryland, and give pests an eviction notice.

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