When Pesky Ants Begin to Move Indoors, Be Ready To Evict Them!

The spring season presents us with feelings of renewal and fresh beginnings. Spring is also the perfect time to get some heavier cleaning chores done, from window-washing to carpet cleaning. This wonderful season is also when you may need to contact an exterminator in Glen Burnie to combat ants preparing to live full-time in your home.

Ants Love Springtime Too

Spring is the optimal time to prepare your home for a possible ant infestation. Ants tend to find their way into homes early in the season as they emerge to seek out a warm nighttime nest that has a food source. Don’t give ants an opportunity to infest your home at the beginning of their swarming season. Get help from our first-rate exterminators in Glen Burnie to keep on top of an infestation with professional pest control techniques.

Different Species Get Treated Differently- More From an Exterminator in Glen Burnie

With the different species of ants that can typically infest a home, it’s important for an exterminator  to perform a thorough inspection to determine which types of ant have made their way into your dwelling. In our region, carpenter ants are the most destructive, as they can cause property damage by tunneling through wood to create their nests. Other species can be dangerous to your health or an obnoxious nuisance, especially when they appear in large numbers.

Household Tips To Keep Ants Away

  • Keep sugary items in airtight containers, as ants love sweets.
  • Any standing water near the house, leaky pipes and spills need to be remediated quickly, as water is a necessity for ants to thrive.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices, especially around windows and doors, to control ants and keep them at bay.
  • Keep kitchens clean and dry. Sweep and mop floors daily to get rid of crumbs and spills. Don’t leave fresh fruits and vegetables out; keep them in the refrigerator. Even pet food and water bowls need to be empty and clean.

Get An Exterminator in Glen Burnie To Help

When ants turn into an infestation, it’s time to get help from an exterminator in Glen Burnie. Contact us at Raven Termite & Pest Control when professionals need to step in.

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