What to Do When You Find Moths in Your Pantry

You never really want to see pests of any kind in your home, but when you see moths in your pantry, around your food, that can be especially concerning. Pest control services in Columbia MD can help you with tips and tricks to recognize and get rid of those moths.

Signs Of Moths

Moths are small gray or brown bugs that might seem harmless, but a single moth can lay 400 eggs and that can lead to a serious, major infestation. You might see the moths in your pantry or you may see holes in your boxes and other items. Moths especially enjoy cereal, pasta, flour, and baking mixes. They can also tuck larvae into the edges of cans, sealed canisters, and other places.

Remove Everything

When you notice moths taking over your pantry, it will be a pain, but you need to take everything out and inspect it with great care. If anything looks like it might have had a moth in it, you will want to throw that item out. It might feel wasteful, but it’s the only way to get through the situation safely.

Clean Thoroughly

Once you have the pantry emptied out and the bad items tossed, you will need to clean the pantry in a thorough manner. Vacuum the shelves, disinfect everything, and wipe things down with soapy water and vinegar to sterilize things. Once things are dry and clean, you can replace the items you took out that are not infested.

Change Storage

If the moths got into certain items, like boxes of cereal, you might want to change your storage methods so it doesn’t happen again. Get plastic containers so the cereal is safer, for example.

Contact Pest Control Services in Columbia

If your methods don’t take care of the issue, or you are worried about how far the infestation has gone, you can always contact Raven Termite & Pest Control. Get advice and treatments in order to address what is happening and prevent it from happening again. The professionals at Raven Termite & Pest Control are here to help with a free assessment and estimate for services you might need.

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