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What are the Flies in the Bathroom?

Drain flies, also commonly known as moth flies are small, dark-winged, non-biting gnats. Their wings are covered with scales, and they disintegrate in a cloud of fine dust when swatted or smashed. Drain flies can be found resting on walls or ceilings, and make short hopping flights if disturbed. Most likely seen in bathrooms, these flies are harmless, but not welcome! If you see flies of any kind and are looking for an exterminator in Eldersburg, discover Raven Termite and Pest Control. Read on to learn more about drain flies.

Where do Drain Flies Live and Breed?

Drain flies grow and develop in undisturbed standing water. You will probably see them after returning home from a vacation or after staying away from home for a number of days. Normally, the flies disappear soon after usual household activity begins, and water starts to run again through toilets and drain traps.
Many times, the flies from a small infestations can be killed easily with a swatter or flying insect spray. However, if you find many drain flies over several weeks in your bathrooms it means there is a permanent breeding place in your house. The breeding ground needs to be found and dealt with. Eliminating this chronic infestation of drain flies from your house can be challenging and stressful.
Moth or drain flies can also breed outdoors during the summer with adults entering homes through open doors or windows. Low, wet areas where air conditioning units drain, or clogged gutters are excellent places for these insects. Pay close attention to standing water around your home to prevent drain flies (and mosquitoes!).

Exterminator in Eldersburg: Raven Termite and Pest Control

We recommend a couple of things to stop small drain fly infestations:

  • Thorough cleaning of draining pipes and traps to remove any accumulated organic matter.
  • Use hot water and pour it in the pipes will offer temporary solution as well.

However, if the infestation seems serious it is best for you to contact a qualified pest control company. At Raven Termite and Pest Control our trained professionals help you manage drain flies and other pests. We are a top-rated exterminator in Eldersburg and we service homes and businesses in Carroll County and Baltimore County as well.  Click here to contact us today.

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