What Are Clover Mites?

Clover mites, or Bryobia praetiosa, are as small as a dot on a piece of paper. They’re globe-shaped and reddish-brown with eight yellow legs. The first pair of legs in the front are the longest and sometimes mistaken for their antennae. These mites are abundant in well-fertilized lawns and they find their way into homes through cracks in windows and doors. Due to their size, it’s easy for them to crawl into tiny openings. If you have shrubs around your home, it creates the ideal environment for a clover mite infestation. If you see the red insects walking along windowsills and siding, you may have a problem. When you suspect clover mite infestation and you need exterminators in Bowie to eliminate them, rely on Raven Termite and Pest Control.

Learn More About Clover Mites

Clover mites are not dangerous to humans. They don’t carry disease or feed on blood like other mites. Clover mites don’t destroy furniture, food items, or clothing. They do leave a red stain where they are crushed. Regardless, it’s important to call the professionals while they are active to eliminate the infestation.
Take steps to prevent an infestation. First, caulk around door frames and windows. Additionally, use weather stripping to keep them from entering under windows. You should also seal any cracks that may lead to wall voids. Vacuum clover mites you see around your home. This step prevents the red stain by avoiding smashing them. The best way to manage any infestation is with a professional exterminator. Raven Termite and Pest Control will evaluate the area and come up with the best management plan.

Looking for Exterminators in Bowie?

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