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Townhouse Living and Infestations

When you live in a townhome you can end up sharing more than just a wall with your neighbors. If they have pests, you can end up with a problem, too. They can get into your home easily through various methods regardless of how clean you keep things. When the problem gets out of hand, you may need an exterminator in Ellicott City.

Problems You Can Face When You Share Walls with Your Neighbors

In addition to potential problems with noisy neighbors, you may share more than just common walls with the people next door. If they have pest issues, you could be next. It’s very easy for insects like roaches and bed bugs to travel from one unit to the next.
Roaches are notorious for traveling from one location to another through any available nooks and cracks they can find. They can also travel through the plumbing system that is shared along a common wall. Any gaps under your doors and windows are also easy entry points for these pests.
If your neighbors have a mouse problem, there is a strong potential that you will eventually have an issue as well. They can easily pass through the smallest holes, allowing them to move between units.

How to Prevent Pests and Work with Your Neighbors  -Tips From an Exterminator in Ellicott City

To prevent an infestation in your townhome, keep your food in the kitchen. Don’t eat in other rooms and make sure you clean up when you are done. Empty your trash regularly and keep clutter to a minimum. If you notice cracks, holes, or nooks where pets can enter your home, have them sealed as soon as possible.
When you’re having a problem with pests coming from your neighbor’s unit, have a talk with them about looking for potential escape routes from their side that they can have sealed. Additionally, discuss having them call in a professional to eliminate the problem.

When Pests Are a Problem, Don’t Hesitate to Call in a Professional Exterminator in Ellicott City

If you’re having a serious problem with pests, don’t wait another minute. Contact Raven Termite today. You won’t find a more thorough exterminator in Ellicott City.

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