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Tips to Keep the Holiday Season Bug Free

The holidays are an important time of the year for any family. Imagine gathering around the fire and having a great time. And then, someone sees a bug and screaming ensues. Pests can ruin any event and you don’t want them crawling around the holiday event within your house. Contact an Exterminator in Dundalk to help you keep the bugs out of your home over the holiday season, and every other season of the year. Here are some tips to help:

Use Sealable Decoration Storage

Where do you store your decorations on the off seasons? In the attic? In the basement? Those locations are favorites for bugs. When you get those decorations out, you might be letting loose the pests yourself. Keep any decorations in sealable containers so the bugs won’t get in, destroy things, and then move into the house when you get those items out again.

Check The Tree

If you get a real tree from a tree lot, there’s nothing like the smell in your home. While most trees are cleared of squirrels, (unlike the one in the holiday classic film), there may very well be bugs in the tree. You are going to want to inspect the tree before you buy it and then once you get it home, use some treatments on it so you don’t bring any pests in with the decoration.

Look Over Firewood

It’s always nice to have a warm fire going on a cold holiday, but the firewood that you leave stacked beside the fire so you can feed it throughout the day may bring more with it than warm and coziness. You need to keep an eye on that firewood and check it for pests before you bring it in. Perhaps cover it outside so it doesn’t get wet, which can attract even more pests.

Get Help From An Exterminator in Dundalk

If you want your home to be pest-free this holiday season, contact an exterminator in Dundalk for more advice. You can also have regular treatments on your home so you can prevent bugs from moving in and take care of any pests that sneak past. Contact Raven Termite for a free estimate and assessment.

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