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Things in Your Home That Attract Bugs

No one wants bugs in their home, but these creatures are so small and they can get into the tiniest opening. In order to keep bugs at bay, it’s important to be aware of things in your home that could be attracting them. A professional exterminator in Maryland can help you narrow down areas in your home where improvements or changes may be necessary.

Gaps And Small Cracks

Bugs can get into the tiniest spaces, and if you have gaps in your windows, cracks in the walls, or any other small openings, the bugs can and will find a way through.

Birdseed- More From A Professional Exterminator in Maryland

While it can be fun to feed the birds, when you keep the seed in your home or garage, bugs will find it and feast as well. If storing birdseed on your property, keep it sealed well.


Every home is going to have trash, but you will want to empty the containers regularly, especially when there is food inside.

Standing Water

Standing water is a big lure for many bugs, such as mosquitoes. Keep birdbaths a healthy distance from your home, and regularly empty out toy pools.

Dirty Dishes

Washing dishes right away versus keeping them in the sink can help keep away bugs from your kitchen. Rinsing them and putting them into the dishwasher immediately after use is another way to avoid them piling up and attracting unwanted bugs.


Crumbs on the floor or counter tops can also attract bugs. Regularly vacuuming and wiping down your counters not only keeps away bugs, but it leaves your home feeling cleaner.

Contact An Exterminator in Maryland

Regular services from an exterminator in Maryland can help keep bugs from becoming infestations.  Contact Raven Termite for a free assessment and estimate for regular services.

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