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That’s Wild - Wildlife That Many Marylanders Deal With | Pest Control in Maryland | Raven Termite & Pest Control

That’s Wild – Wildlife That Many Marylanders Deal With

Even if you’re an animal lover, having skunks, raccoons, or other similar wildlife close to your home is concerning. You worry about your children and pets getting bit in the yard when they’re near. It doesn’t help that some can carry serious illnesses and be destructive. These are some of the more common critters Marylanders may come in contact with. But, our pest control in Maryland can help with these and others.


These night scavengers are notorious for digging in your trash can and making a mess. They’re also known to carry rabies, which humans and mammalian pets can contract. They can also transmit feline distemper to your cat. Raccoons may carry leptospirosis that they can transmit to you or your dog.

Skunks – More From Professionals in Pest Control in Maryland

Skunks are a widely abundant problem in Maryland. When these critters are near residential neighborhoods, they’re scavengers that’ll dig in your garbage and make a mess. When they feel threatened by another animal or human, they’ll spray their obnoxious odor that’s difficult to get rid of and can last up to two or three weeks. They’re one of the creatures known to carry rabies. They can also transmit feline distemper and tularemia.


These nocturnal nuisances cause more rabies deaths in humans than any other animal and are known for carrying this disease more often than any other mammal. Bats can also carry histoplasmosis, yersiniosis, and salmonellosis.

As a general rule, bats aren’t known for being destructive. With that said, bat guano is highly acidic. It can erode clay, copper, and bronze.

Norway Rats

Marylanders may find this rodent around or in their homes. It may eat your food and contaminate it in the process. They can cause damage to buildings and other properties, as they chew and burrow into them. Norway rats are also known for spreading diseases, including typhus, leptospirosis, and toxoplasmosis, to pets and humans.

Contact Pest Control in Maryland

If you’re battling a critter problem from bats, raccoons, or other wildlife, contact us today for pest control in Maryland. One call can protect you, your family, and your pets from disease and possibly your home from damage.

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