Still Seeing Roaches… Even in Winter?

Cockroaches have been around for millions of years and you might feel like they have been in your home for that long as well. If you see roaches during the nice weather, that\’s one thing. But when winter hits and you are still seeing the gross pests, that\’s a real problem. Call an exterminator in Severna Park to help you mitigate your circumstances.

Details on Cockroaches – More from an Exterminator in Severna Park

Cockroaches are one of the only pests that could survive a nuclear blast. There are also over 4,000 different species in the world, way more than most people appreciate. While 30 of those species inhabit human-run areas, 4-5 are the most common to infest a home.

Different Cockroach Types

The German cockroach is the one that you most find inside and they like to be in the kitchen. Oriental Cockroaches are common inside and outside and they usually live in basements and wet areas. The American Cockroach, on the other hand, enjoys sewers and decaying vegetation. Then, there\’s the Smokey brown cockroach, which can actually fly well and likes tree holes and hot, humid places. And the Brown Banded cockroach likes higher, level places.

Do You Have A Cockroach Infestation?

Cockroaches of different types have varied indications that they are in your home. You will want to watch for pepper-looking sprinkles, which is what their fecal matter looks like for some while others look more like mouse droppings. Seeing residue, or the bugs themselves, is a good indication of a problem.
Cockroaches will get into anything they can and they can be a threat to your health and your food source. They will spread bacteria around the house and some people are allergic to the things they present in the home.

Call An Exterminator in Severna Park

If you suspect that you have unwanted houseguests, call an exterminator in Severna Park to get a consultation and estimate on a treatment plan. They might suggest baiting, monitoring, deep flushing, or a insecticidal or non-insecticidal treatment for your home. Contact the professionals at Raven Termite and we will inspect your home, let you know what the issue is, and work with you to get rid of any pests you have.

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