Spider Crickets- Did That Spider Just Jump?

Spider crickets have a bad habit. They tend to jump at things that startle them. If you come across one, it might leap at you if you scare it. This is a defense mechanism for them, but it can be most unpleasant for you. They aren’t really trying to attack you or harm you, but rather to frighten you, as a potential predator. And if you’ve ever had what looks like a spider jump right at you, you understand how it could be frightening. Here are details about them from an exterminator in Severna Park.

They Aren’s Spiders…Or Crickets!

Spider crickets, despite their name, aren’t really spiders or crickets. They’are actually related to grasshoppers and the spider portion of their name comes from their long legs and their overall appearance. They are strong jumpers, but they don’t have any wings and can’t fly.

Their Name Varies- More From an Exterminator in Severna Park

Spider crickets are called a lot of different things, including simply ‘creepy bugs’. They are also sometimes called camel crickets because they have humped backs. Since they prefer living in dark, damp places, they are even sometimes called cave crickets.

They Won’t Bite, Technically

Spider crickets don’t bite, but their mouths are built to chew and they will gnaw on anything presented to them. They might chew on fabric, wood, plants, cardboard, or even your skin. They won’t break through your skin, but you can still feel the pinch when they try to test you as food.

Getting Rid Of The Pests

These pests will want to move inside when the weather gets hot and dry since they like cold, damp elements. When they come inside, they can breed and they aren’t picky eaters so they can be sustained on a lot of household items and foods. The best way to deal with spider crickets is to prevent them, but once they get in, you might need help from an exterminator to get rid of them.

Finding an Exterminator in Severna Park

If you have seen spider crickets around your home, you might want to start in on prevention with an exterminator in Severna Park. Get preventative treatments to keep things at bay. Or, if you see one inside, contact Raven Termite & Pest Control right away for help.

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