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Pest Control is Pet Friendly | Exterminator in Edgewood | Raven Termite and Pest Control

Pest Control is Pet Friendly

So you’ve noticed signs of a pest infestation in your home. Perhaps you see a few roaches in the kitchen when you turn the light on. Maybe you find some rodent droppings in the basement. While you would like to get the problem taken care of as quickly as you can, you may be worried about the effects of pest control efforts on your pets. Well, if you live in Edgewood you don’t need to worry, because you can easily find a good exterminator in Edgewood who uses pet-friendly pest control techniques.

Rodent Control Services

Like all our services, our rodent control services are not only pet-friendly, but also environmentally friendly. We make a lot of use of trapping, of course, but we prefer to also take a more proactive approach: exclusion. We identify how the rodents are getting into your home through the use of a non-toxic tracking powder and make the repairs or improvements needed to keep them out.

Roach Control Services – More From an Exterminator in Edgewood

Although we offer traditional insecticides to deal with a roach problem, we also have non-insecticidal treatments that are safe for pets. These treatments don’t kill the roaches, but instead drive them away from your home, especially when combined with our localized deep flushing and monitoring services.

Additional Pest Control Services

In addition to these common pests, we also handle ants, bed bugs, spiders, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, silverfish, squirrels, bats, groundhogs, and other pests. As with the examples given above, we have a wide array of pet-safe treatments to deal with them.

Contact an Exterminator in Edgewood Today

If your Edgewwod home has a pest problem, you need an exterminator in Edgewood to take care of it before it becomes health problem or house damage problem. Contact us at Raven Termite & Pest Control today for a free estimate.

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