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Not So Lady Like: Ladybugs Move in to Stay Warm

Generally speaking, ladybugs are harmless and pretty. During the warmer months, they are in charge of keeping your garden free from aphids that could damage your plants. The problem starts when the weather starts cooling down at the end of Fall and those pretty ladybugs that have adorned your garden and kept it healthy for the last eight months or so, start looking for a warm place to hibernate during the winter, which can result in them infesting your home. When this happens, you should start looking for an exterminator in Edgewood that can help.

Why Do Ladybugs Turn Into A Pest In Winter?

Ladybugs will never infest your home in small numbers. Because they are social insects, they tend to congregate in very large numbers, which means that you may find them all over your home, even in your bath, and any other place that is humid and warm. Once a ladybug finds a crack or crevice through which it can gain access to the warmth of your house, thousands may follow, which can become a problem, especially if they don’t have a source of water or food, resulting in dead ladybugs littering your entire home!

Keeping Ladybugs Away From Your Home In Winter

The most effective way to get rid of ladybugs is to stop them from ever getting into your home. This can be easily accomplished by sealing any cracks, or openings they could use to get in. Look for any cracks or crevices in your chimney, the outer walls of your home, and around your doors and windows, then fill them with a commercial silicone sealant. Keep in mind that stopping these pretty bugs from entering your house doesn’t mean you will be responsible for the death of all the ladybugs in your garden, because they will just do what they’ve done for thousands of years, which is find a cozy place under dry leaves. Entering your home just makes it easier for them, and a pain in the neck for you.

Call The Best Exterminator In Edgewood

If ladybugs have infested your home, it’s time to call Raven Termite for help. As the foremost exterminator in Edgewood, you can be sure the problem will be solved in no time at all!

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