Moving into a New Home? Here’s What to Look for…

Looking for a new home is very exciting and you might get caught up in price tags, square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms and overlook other important aspects. You are going to want to inspect, for example, for rodents, insects, and other pests. You don’t want to move in only to need Pest Control Services in Reisterstown right away. Instead, avoid that issue by taking a close look at things when you walk through the home.

Watch For Rodent Signs – Pest Control Services in Reisterstown

You are going to want to watch for signs of rodents. Look at the attic and in the basement for mouse or rat droppings. Listen for scratching or skittering noises and check for nests in cabinets, pantries, and behind major appliances. You might also see wires that look like they have been chewed on and that’s not a good sign, either.

Look For Insects

If you see insects, either alive of dead, that can indicate a problem. Look for gaps in the doors and windows where the insects might be able to get through. There might also be wasp and bees nests that could be attached to the home or in high overhangs. You don’t want to see that, either.


Carpenter Ants and termites can be a huge problem because they hollow out wood and eat away on the home. They are small and hard to spot, but you can see piles of sawdust where they have created entry holes. There shouldn’t be sawdust around a home that is no longer under construction, so if you see that, there’s an issue at hand.

Calling For Pest Control Services in Reisterstown

Before you sign anything or agree to a home that you think might have some kind of pest issue, you can contact Raven Termite & Pest Control for an inspection, assessment, and estimate. It’s possible that the home has some insect or wildlife problems, but the best control services Reisterstown can take care of those issues, on the owner’s dime, before you move in and the house may still be worth your time and effort. Contact Raven Termite and we can help you figure out what you want to do from there on out.

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