Ladybugs – Love Them or Hate Them?

Ladybugs attract children with their bright, lively colors. They are also rumored to be lucky. But are they really something you want in your home? Not exactly. Ladybugs are just that–bugs. And when they move in, you might need pest control in Baltimore. Here are a few ways in which ladybugs are helpful and a few ways in which they are real hazards.

They Eat Insects

Ladybugs are nice to have–outside of your home–because they eat a lot of insects. They are always hungry for aphids and can eat up to 50 a day. Farmers and gardeners love them for that fact.

They Aren’t All Ladies- More From a Professional in pest control in Baltimore

Despite their name, not all ladybugs are, in fact, ladies. Even the male ladybugs are called ladybugs. The bugs are actually named after the Virgin Mary. In the Middle Ages, farmers in Europe were having trouble with their crops and prayed to the Blessed Virgin. When ladybugs appeared and ate pests that were plaguing crops, they were named after her.

They Multiply Furiously

Ladybugs can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. If you have even a few ladybugs in your house that happen to lay eggs, the infestation process can happen very quickly.

Prevention Is Key

In order to prevent ladybugs from taking over your home, no matter how cute your kids think they are, prevention is the best step. Seal off openings, replace weather strippings, and ensure screens don’t have any homes in them. When you see a lady bug in the home, vaccuum them up. You can also have preventive treatments with pest control specialists.

When the House Is Overrun With Ladies

Whether they are actually male or female, when you start seeing lady bugs in your home, either dead or alive, there are more where those came from. They have found a way in and now, you have to deal with the backlash.

Contacting Pest Control in Baltimore

If you are dealing with ladybugs, or you don’t want to have to battle them, the professionals in pest control in Baltimore can help. Contact Raven Termite and Pest Control and we can run preventative treatments or help you to rid of the cute, but nasty little bugs.

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