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House Crickets Can Be Annoying

House crickets are noisy little pests that can be recognized indoors normally around fireplaces, kitchens, and indoor heaters. They are also found around wood and mulch piles. They come inside seeking shelter from the outdoor elements. If you have noticed an infestation of crickets, pest control in Essex can help.

How to Identify a House Cricket

You can identify a house cricket by its distinguishing characteristics. The adult normally is a light-yellow to brown hue, they have three crossbands that are dark on the head. You will recognize their antennae, usually longer than the body itself, and threadlike in appearance. These bugs are tiny– only between ¾ to ⅞ of an inch long, with flat wings on their back. The nymphs have no wings; however, they look much the same as the adult crickets do.

Are House Crickets Dangerous or Harmful? More Information from Professionals in Pest Control in Essex

House crickets are more of a noisy nuisance than anything else. You might notice their familiar chirping sounds in the early evening hours. Particularly if you live near fields or if they get inside the house.
House crickets are known to feed on the following fabric items:

  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Fur

What Problems Can House Crickets Cause?

Although house crickets are not dangerous, per se, they can create problems. These little pests are known to carry diseases and parasites, such as salmonella and escherichia coli. In addition, their feces have worms in them. If it comes in contact with human skin, will cause a rash or sores. House crickets also can cause humans to get flu-like symptoms by being in close proximity to them.

How Pest Control in Essex can Help You

The first step a pest control in Essex professional does is determine what the issue is. When this has been done, a plan is formulated. This plan might include:

  • Setting baits or traps
  • Spraying chemical insecticides

Call Us for Help with an Infestation

Residents of the greater Baltimore or Washington D.C. areas can call or email Raven Termite & Pest Control for cricket infestations. We have three convenient numbers to contact us: in Baltimore: 443-505-3194; Silver Spring: 301-679-5060; or toll-free 522-554-PEST. Give us a call today; we are a competent pest control company that knows how to end a cricket infestation.

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