Holes in Your Clothes? Clothes Moths are to Blame!

It’s not uncommon to find holes in clothing, but if it’s happening more and more often, and to clothes that you have hardly worn, there could be another issue at hand. While you may not expect moths to be the source, they could very well be taking over your home, and your closet. Contact experts in pest control in Ellicott city to take care of the issue.

Moths–Where You Can Find Them

Moths aren’t just ugly butterflies that you see flying around outside. There are specific species that like to hang out in closets, chests, and wardrobes. But what can they eat in there? Clothing! These moths actually target clothing and they can do a lot of damage when you shut the door and aren’t looking their way.

What Moths Eat–And Who Eats Them

Moths are small pests that enjoy closets and drawers and they also enjoy eating those fibers. They are less active than normal moths that you see outside, flying around the lights. They actually prefer the dark and they can lay their eggs in undisturbed areas, like the back of your closet. Having a few moths move in is bad enough, but once they start a family of their own, the problem can get out of control very fast.
Lots of different animals like to snack on moths, like birds, small mammals, owls, and other insects, but it’s hard for these predators to get to moths that enjoy closets and dark, gloomy spaces.

Preventing Moths With Pest Control in Ellicott City

One of the best thing you can do about moth damage is to prevent them from coming into the home in the first place. Moth balls and cedar balls can deter them, for example, but it also doesn’t always work. If you already have moths, these DIY items can’t prevent an infestation. You are going to want pest control in Ellicott City whenever you notice that moths are becoming an issue. The professionals at Raven Termite & Pest Control can help you identify your moth problem and rid of it before it gets even worse than it already is. Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate.

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