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Fleas are a nuisance and they also negatively impact the health of both pets and humans. A flea infestation usually starts with pets and then spreads to the humans in a home. Fortunately, a professional pest control company can help. If you need an exterminator in Aberdeen for effective flea control, discover Raven Termite and Pest Control. We serve customers all over Harford County and beyond!

Learn More About a Flea Infestation

The Life Cycle of Fleas
Fleas go through four life stages – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Once fleas infest your home this process is constantly in motion. Adult fleas nest in animals like your dog or cat and lay their eggs. Whenever your pet scratches itself, lies down, or shakes, the eggs spread throughout your home and yard. Next, the eggs hatch into larvae where they can burrow into your furniture or carpet. Finally, fleas enter the pupa stage where they form cocoons and hatch into adults that infest their hosts. Then the cycle begins all over again!
Signs of Fleas
Fleas are tiny, reddish insects that feed off of the blood of mammals, birds, and humans. If you have fleas in your home, you may notice them jumping on your furniture or carpet. If your pet has fleas, you’ll notice dot-like insects in their fur. Another sign your pet has fleas is excessive licking, biting or scratching their skin. If you notice red spots on your skin with a halo, hives, and are experiencing dizziness or nausea, it’s possible you have flea bites as well.
How to Prevent Fleas
The best way to prevent fleas is to invest in a flea collar, pills, or liquid applicants for your pet. These treatments kill fleas before your pet can become a host and spread the infestation to your home.

Need an Exterminator in Aberdeen to Treat Fleas?

Do you suspect fleas in your house? The best course of action is to contact an exterminator. Due to generations of fleas with overlapping life cycles, fleas are not easily controlled with DIY treatments. An exterminator will use a long-acting insecticide and recommend that you vacuum regularly.
Raven Termite and Pest Control is a full service and licensed pest control company operating in the Greater Baltimore and Washington D.C areas. We offer one time, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest agreements. We always use the latest pest control technology in an environmentally safe way. Click here to contact us!

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