Exterminators Remove Yellow Jacket Nests

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp and throughout the late summer season and into the fall they become very aggressive, sometimes stinging with no warning. These stinging insects are common sights near trash cans or may be lured to sweet drinks left outdoors. Sometimes, however, they take up residence on your property. Yellow jacket nests are difficult as well as dangerous to remove. It\’s best to call Raven Termite and Pest Control, we are professional exterminators in Hunt Valley, and beyond. We are experienced and can quickly eliminate this hazard for you.

Why are Wasps More Dangerous in Late Summer?

During the late months of summer and early weeks of fall, the yellow jacket queen prepares to hibernate through the winter. In the spring, she will emerge from hibernation and begin to build a new nest. So, as summer winds down, there are more wasps congregating in and around the hive, protecting it for the queen. Scientists also believe that diets of worker wasps change in late summer as they gravitate to more nectar for themselves (not just the queen) and to sugary substances like certain types of sap or the lollipop dropped on the sidewalk by a child. This sugary diet causes them to become \”drunk\” on sugar, making them more aggressive and prone to stinging.

Yellow Jacket Nests

If you\’ve notices several yellow jackets in your yard or near your home, there\’s a strong possibility that there is a nest nearby. Yellow jackets build nests underground but will occasionally build one in a shrub. If you see yellow jacket activity in one area of your yard or see these wasps flying in and out of a small hole in the ground, you likely have a nest. This is a problem. During the height of summer, yellow jacket nests may contain upwards of a thousand wasps. If disturbed, even accidentally, by you, a pet, or a child, the wasps could easily swarm.

Call Raven Termite and Pest Control

If you spy a yellow jacket nest—or any other type of wasp nest—contact Raven Termite and Pest Control, expert exterminators in Hunt Valley. We tackle a wide array of issues, including stinging insects like yellow jackets and hornets as well as other unwanted pests like roaches, bed bugs, termites, and rodents. Don\’t put yourself at risk by trying to take down the nest yourself. Our team of pros have the protective gear and skills needed to eradicate these unwelcome invaders of your property—and peace of mind. Call us for emergency yellow jacket removal. We can provide you with an upfront estimate for all of our pest-removal services.
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