Can Fleas Bite Humans, Too?

Fleas are indiscriminate parasites that feed off of animals, and even humans when the need arises. These nasty little bugs can be troublesome to rid of and they can bother pets and homeowners alike. While you might worry about your dog or cat getting fleas, they can infest a home as well. You may need advice or treatment from an Exterminator in Baltimore County.

Signs Your Home Has Fleas

While you never want to find fleas in the home, there are signs to watch for that can show you there\’s an issue to deal with. If your pets are scratching incessantly–more so than usual, or sometimes even jump as if they have been bitten, that can be a huge sign that fleas are living on them and bothering them. You might also be receiving bites around your ankle area. Watch for small, jumping bugs on your pets, in the carpeting, and other areas of the home.

The Danger Of Fleas

Once fleas come into the home, it\’s hard to get rid of them and they can be a danger to everyone who lives there. Bites, when scratched, can open up and be susceptible to infection. While you might be able to control your scratching if you have bites around your ankles, it\’s impossible to force a pet not to scratch when they have an itch. Plus, some pets and people are allergic to flea bites and that can cause an even bigger issue. Once a pet brings fleas into the house, the fleas can jump into the carpet, onto furniture, over to you, and to other areas of the house, which leads to an infestation.

Call An Exterminator in Baltimore County

If  you suspect that you have fleas in your house, an exterminator in Baltimore County could be your best resource. Call the professionals at Raven Termite & Pest Control for advice and a free consultation. We can come into your home, let you know whether or not you have fleas present, and help you to come up with an action plan to get rid of them sooner rather than later. Even if you aren\’t sure, invite us over to take a look at the issue.

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