Battling Beetles In Your Home?

There are several beetles that are widespread in Maryland and tend to find their way into your house. They’re common through most of the state (bugs don’t use maps) and can be a nuisance if they decide they like your house. If you think you have beetles in your home, it’s important to look into Pest Control Services in Maryland sooner than later.

Bugs That’ll Bug You

First off, there are carpet beetles. The adults don’t eat fabrics but pollen outside. It’s the immature bugs or larvae that eat fabrics, fur, or pretty much anything made of animal fibers. There are two types of carpet beetles, black and varied. The black ones are larger than the varied and are either black or dark brown and are more oval-shaped than the varied carpet beetle. The varied carpet beetle is slightly smaller than the black beetle and has spots of yellow and white, in a kind of grayish calico pattern. Their larvae are teardrop-shaped and have rows of brown hairs.
Bark beetles can be found in the firewood you keep in your home. You should check the bark on your firewood for small round holes. They’re only about 1/4\” long, red, brown, or black in color, and are roughly cylindrical in shape. Only keep enough firewood in your house for a day or two. If they are in your firewood, they’ll crawl out and be found near windows, woodpiles, or lamps near the fireplace, especially during the winter months.
Another beetle that can be found in firewood is the metallic wood borers (also called the two-lined chestnut borer), which are about 1/2\” long and are variously colored with short antennae.
Another wood borer that may be living in your firewood is the redheaded ash borer, also about 1/2\” long with long antennae and legs and having various colors but not metallic in appearance. With this and the two-lined borer, you may see sawdust or D-shaped exit holes in the bark on the firewood.
The reason they come crawling out is that they think the warmth of your house indicates it’s springtime and the start of mating season.
These are just a few of the beetles that can get into your home. If you have a beetle infestation, you need to contact a professional exterminator. They and their team will have the knowledge to identify which beetle(s) are infesting your home and the most efficient and effective way of eliminating the pests and how to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Need Pest Control Services In Maryland?

If you need pest control services in Maryland, we are here to help. Whether it’s at home or at your business, we can take care of it. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact us today.

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