The Heat is Still Here, Get Rid of Roaches Now

Do you see cockroaches in or around your home or business and wonder how they got there? After all, the place is clean so there should be no roaches, right? Wrong. Summer brings out the worst in roach infestations.
Efforts to get rid of roaches often fail, leading to even more roaches. The licensed technicians at Raven Termite and Pest Control have the expertise to seek out and get rid of roaches, wherever they hide. Put your trust in experienced technicians that realize the potential dangers associated with summer roaches and know how to get rid of them once and for all so you can live and work without fear of roaches roaming your home or office.

Why Are There So Many Roaches In Summer?

Some people likely assume that once roaches invade homes and properties during the winter to get inside away from the cold weather that they likely multiply rapidly over the winter months. Actually, the opposite is true. Roaches reproduce less because of colder weather. Therefore, during the warmer months, roaches will be reproducing more and creating more problems in your home or business.
When answering questions about roaches, Alvero Romero, Professor of Urban Entomology at New Mexico State University, described reproduction of one breed of roaches during the summer as \”an explosion.\”

Get Rid of Roaches – Know the Signs Of Roach Infestation

Where there is one roach, there are likely many more. Raven Termite and Pest Control handles all your pest control needs, including seeking out hiding places where roaches live and breed. Roaches survive on built-up gunk in the drains in your home or business and crawl completely out of their sewer residence to find new living quarters with you.
Roach infestations are best discovered and eliminated by professionals because roaches hide where an ordinary person cannot see them or get rid of them permanently.

Contact Raven Termite to Get Rid of Roaches and the Dangers Associated With them Today!

Roaches could potentially contribute to multiple health issues. Dr. Romero explains that roaches cause allergies, asthma and transmit diseases. Contrary to popular belief, roaches are not always a sign of poor housekeeping. A Scientific Americancontributor points to many different species of roaches that invade homes and properties, no matter where you live.
Get rid of roaches now! Take advantage of our detailed wildlife control and other pest control services by contacting the experienced team at Raven Termite and Pest Control today.
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