The weather is starting to cool down as winter approaches. Unfortunately, this means some unlucky homeowners may see roaches inside their homes. Roaches do not like the cold, so many look for cracks and holes that allow them to get inside to warm up. No one likes roaches in their home! Act fast and call a professional to eliminate these pests. Looking for pest control in Hyattsville or elsewhere in Prince George’s County? Please read on. Learn a little about roaches and some tips to help you prevent an infestation.

What Types of Roaches are Found Indoors?

While there are many different types of roaches, the German Cockroach and Brown-Banded Cockroach are two very common cockroaches implicated in most infestations. The German Cockroach is frequently found in homes and tends to be medium-brown and a little over half an inch long. They are active and able to live in very small spaces.

The Brown-Banded Cockroach as its name implies, is recognized by its two light brown bands that cross the wings and stomach. They tend to hang out in warmer areas of a home and can be found near heating vents.

How to Prevent a Roach Infestation

There are a few preventative measures that you can take to protect yourself against roaches and hopefully ward off a fall or winter infestation. First, make sure that you keep your home clean. Sanitation is important because roaches are drawn to trash. Don’t leave dirty dishes around and take the trash out regularly. Additionally, reduce the chances of a roach infestation by sealing all entry points in your home with caulk. Plus, be sure to fix any standing water caused by leaky pipes.

Call Pest Control in Hyattsville to Eliminate Roaches

Sometimes you can take precautionary measures and roaches still manage to sneak into your home. They are crafty and resilient creatures so when this happens it is best to contact a professional. If you need pest control in Hyattsville, or anywhere in the area, contact Raven Termite and Pest Control. We have almost two decades of experience removing these pesky creatures from homes and businesses. Click here for a free estimate and we can solve your roach problem quickly.