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Are Roaches a Problem in the Winter Time?

Despite myths of roaches fully-dying off in the winter, it actually is a good time to look for professional Prince Georges County pest control. Insects are cold- blooded creatures, meaning that their body temperature is analogous to that of their surroundings. They don’t maintain a body temperature as do mammals. More importantly, insects don’t develop or serve well at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


How Cold Until They Freeze?


This base temperature varies many degrees up or down, depending on the species, but is near 50 degrees Fahrenheit for most insects. At times when the temperature ranges between freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, insects generally descend into a dormant state where body functions are significantly worn down. At temperatures below freezing, numerous insects that are present during the summer die. Still, many spring insects make it through frigid temperatures around the 20s, retaining their activity once temperatures get above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Smaller species survive temperatures that drop into the teens. With the temperatures that they’ve endured over weeks, many of the pests and their natural insect adversaries will fail. Still, numerous of them will survive.


Why Roaches are Still a Problem in Winter


Many domestic cockroaches are of tropical origin and the German cockroach, for one, cannot survive temperate drops outside. As temperatures decline, roaches will seek out sanctum in warm places, most frequently in our homes and buildings. These structures afford them everything they need to survive the winter – warmth, access to water, and an abundant place to forage.


Why You Need Prince Georges County Pest Control


Roaches are uncomely, unsanitary, and beget health problems. Infestations are frequently worse in the winter months as they seek sanctum and warmth in our homes and businesses. Once inside a home, German cockroaches are difficult to get rid of without the professional guidance of pest- control professionals. They’re generally keen on nesting in kitchens and bathrooms and most frequently gain entry via grocery bags and used appliances.

Contact Raven Termite now and get relief for your roach problem this winter. No need to spend further time probing Prince Georges County pest control businesses because we can take care of your needs immediately!

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