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Bed Bugs Don’t Go Away on Their Own!

If you suspect bed bugs in your home, it is best to find the infestation before it spreads. When you catch bed bugs early they are easier to treat versus when they become more widespread. Because carpet beetles look very similar to bed bugs, make sure to have a professional identify the insects. If the infestation is incorrectly identified, the bed bugs have more time to become widespread. Raven Termite and Pest Control is a top bed bug exterminator in Baltimore County, and we look forward to helping your solve your insect problems.

Signs of Bed Bugs and How to Identify Them

Small, brown, and oval-shaped, bed bugs do not fly, but they move quickly. Generally active at night, bed bugs feed on humans. Therefore, one sure sign of them is finding unexplained bug bites on you or your family members. The bites may appear similar to bites from mosquitoes. Or they can cause rashes that look like eczema. Some people react with hives or not at all. Most of the time the bites will be itchy and red without a red spot in the middle.
When you are cleaning your home or changing your bedding you may see brown or red stains on bed sheets caused by the bed bugs being crushed. Additionally, check for dark spots on the mattress fabric or sheets caused by bed bug excrement. Tiny, yellow eggs or eggshells may also be detected.
However, you may be surprised to learn bed bugs aren’t only found on mattresses. Since they are so small, they can fit into many tiny spaces. They can be found in drawer joints, in between cushions, in the folds of curtains, under loose wallpaper, in electrical appliances, and even where the wall and ceiling meet.

Do You Need a Bed Bug Exterminator in Baltimore County?

Raven Termite and Pest Control can eliminate your bed bug infestation. We have over 18 years of experience and we carry all the appropriate licenses from the Maryland Department of Agriculture for pest control specialists. Our pest control solutions were created to rid any home, office or warehouse of unwanted pests. We offer one-time, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest agreements. For more information or for a free estimate, click here!

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