Perhaps you’ve never thought about what exterminators do when it comes to bats. Professional exterminators don’t kill bats, they remove them. It’s called an exclusion, and it’s the best way to not only get the animals out of your home, but to keep them out. So, if you’re looking for an exterminator in Glen Burnie to get rid of bats, here are some things to consider.

Bat Facts You May Not Know

Benefits of Bats

First of all, bats are beneficial. Unfortunately, many people associate bats with vampires, but if you’ve got a bat infestation, it’s almost certainly not vampire bats. For those living in Maryland, they’re likely either little brown bats or big brown bats.

Little brown bats eat small flying insects, such as mosquitoes, so actually protect you against troublesome pests. The big brown variety favor beetles, though also eat moths, wasps, and flies.

These critters control insect populations, and they’re hugely beneficial in the wild. That’s why any professional exterminator in Glen Burnie will remove them rather than kill them.

Bats Suffer from Loss of Habitat

It’s likely that your house or building replaced a bat’s habitat. Bats in the wild nest in hollow trees, not just caves. With urban sprawl in Baltimore and other areas removing places where bats usually hibernate, finding hollow trees becomes tricky.

Why Are Bats in My Attic?

Attics are warm, and for any hibernating creature, such places offer protection in the winter. Bats found your attic to be a perfect place in which to stay warm. If they start flying around your home, it’s likely something happened to disturb their slumber, and they’re probably just confused and scared.

But Rabies!

Bats, like any mammal, can infect a person with rabies or other diseases that spread to humans through contact. To prevent the possibility of a scared bat biting you, it’s best to call a professional pest control company.

Call an Exterminator to Help with Bat Control

Once the bats are removed from your home, keeping out additional bats should be the top priority. A professional exterminator can find the entry points and possible structural problems that allowed them to gain entry.

Now is the time to protect your home and family, or your place of business, from insects and pests of all kinds. Our experienced staff can help you combat insects, rodents and even wildlife pests like raccoons and squirrels. Contact Raven Termite and Pest Control today.