Eliminate Ants… for Good!

Are you dealing with ants in your home and looking for pest control services in Prince George’s County to help you eradicate them for good? While battling ants on your own can sometimes be successful, they are a frustrating pest. Ants have a hive mentality, not unlike bees and wasps. Ants are all about the colony, from providing food to providing protection. Within the ant colony, each ant has its own job to perform. Experts pest control services will tell you the ant you need to watch for is the scout.

Keep an Eye Out for the Scout, Says Pest Control Services in Prince George’s County

When you see a single ant on your countertop or kitchen table, that’s the scout. Its job is to find food and water for the colony. When it finds either, it will take some back to the colony, leaving a chemical trail for others to follow. That is why you sometimes see a line of ants; they are heading for the food or water found by the scout.

Foiling the Scout is Key to Avoiding an Ant Problem

Ants are among the worst scavengers on the planet. They will eat just about anything, fresh or rotten. What that means to you is that you will avoid an ant problem by keeping your floors, countertops, tables, and outside areas free of food. That means maintaining a clean home. Easier said than done, especially if you have kids.
Here’s some advice from pest control services in Prince George’s county: wipe down your kitchen surfaces with a mixture of vinegar and water. Ants absolutely avoid vinegar. If you use it on food surfaces and spray it around doors and windows it can help keep the scout ant at bay.

What to Do About Existing Ant Problems

The first thing is to determine how the ants are entering your home. We look for cracks, broken window seals, any place an ant can use for access to your home.
Once the house is sealed off, an exterminator can go after the infestation. Sugar-based ant traps are the most common tool used, as ants rely heavily on sugar for energy. If the colony is accessible, pest control experts can also use sprays.

Contact Raven Termite, Pest Control in Prince George’s County and the Surrounding Areas, for Your Ant Problem

Professional exterminators are your best solution for an existing ant problem. Contact Raven Termite, an expert pest control company, for an appointment.

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