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Do You Have a Winter Ant Infestation?

Home to the U.S. Naval Academy, boat shows and an arts festival every first Sunday every month, Anne Arundel County is great place call home. But what happens if you suddenly find yourself overrun by ants? Suddenly the cozy feeling of home turns into something else entirely. When you need pest control in Anne Arundel [...]

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Sign Up for Flexible Pest Control

It is very common to see a bug scurrying across your floor. However, you probably don't realize that there are up to 100 species of arthropods that could be crawling around your home! This frightening fact is according to a biodiversity survey published in the journal PeerJ. Arthropods include spiders, insects, centipedes and mites. Keep [...]

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What is a Camel Cricket?

Camel crickets get their nickname from their humpbacked shape. Also called cave crickets or spider crickets, they often live in caves or under cool, moist leaves, rocks, and logs. Inside buildings, these pests often prefer basements and damp crawl spaces. They generally live about a year or two and exist across the country. Lacking the [...]

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Choose Raven Termite for Wildlife Pest Control in Anne Arundel County

If you need wildlife pest control in Anne Arundel County, or elsewhere in Maryland, the best solution is to contact Raven Termite and Pest Control immediately. The technicians at Raven have the training and experience to quickly and efficiently address any pest situation. Of course infestations are not only rodents and insects, but also wildlife [...]

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