What Are House Centipedes, and How Did They Get Into My Home?

House centipedes are creepy, crawly bugs and when you see one, you might startle because of their appearance. They are long, slender bugs that look like they have hundreds of legs coming from their bodies. These insects move fast and like to hide. When you see one in your home, there are likely more, and you might wonder how they got inside in the first place. Pest control in Baltimore County can help.

Just Looking For A Food Source

Like most small insects that come into your home, they likely came into the space looking for a food source. Houses are great spots for any bug because there are usually crumbs available as well as dark spaces to hide. Centipedes alway like to get inside during the hot and dry months because they like things to be dark and damp. Watch for them in the basement, especially.

Entry Points- More From Professionals in Pest Control in Baltimore County

Centipedes are small creatures and they can get into very small spaces. Watch for entry points around doors, like in cracks or gaps in the frame. They can also get into foundation gaps and they can even crawl up through a drain or sump pump. They may even crawl right through an open door or window if you don\’t have a screen protecting it.

What To Do When They Move In

You might want to simply move out when you realize you have centipedes in your house. They\’re definitely enough to give you the chills. But there are ways to get rid of them as well. You can have pest control professionals come by to help with options, but you will also want to seal up any entry points so more don\’t get in later on.

Seeking Pest Control in Baltimore County

When you see a centipede, or more than one, or if you want to prevent that sight from ever occurring in your home, contact professionals in pest control in Baltimore County to help you with eradication or prevention. The experts at Raven Termite & Pest Control can assess the situation, note any possible entry points, and come up with a plan along with a free estimate to free your home of pests.


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