Most people will use an insect repellent at sometime or another. Bugs are a pain to deal with as the weather gets nicer, the sun stays up longer, and we stay out later. But the bugs can be pests that just ruin that time outside. Pest control services in Gaithersburg can help with these issues.

DEET Bug Spray – More from Professionals Who Offer Pest Control Services in Gaithersburg

DEET bug spray can help insects stay away, to a point, but it also has a lot of downsides to it. It can cause skin irritation, for example, and even rashes. It’s not something you want to use on young children. And it actually has a nasty scent to it that no one enjoys. The bugs don’t like the scent, but neither do you.

Citronella Candles

Bugs also don’t like the scent of citronella candles and they are an easy way to keep the bugs at bay. They are attractive and add ambiance to your outdoor space. They are also clean and non-toxic, which adds to their advantage. However, they aren’t really very effective and they can only be used when it’s not very windy. It’s not always convenient to carry around and light candles, either.

Fly Traps

Flies will, indeed, get stuck on those sticky fly traps, but they have to land on them first. If you’ve ever dealt with flies outside, you know they land lots of places. Some might land on the traps, but many don’t and that will mean you still have fly issues.

Mosquito Wristbands

Most wristbands are made with natural products and arn’t harmful to children or pets. They can be a nice alternative to sprays and they are easy to use and reusable. However, the studies on them are inconclusive as to how effective they might be and they have a stench to them as well.

Get Pest Control Services in Gaithersburg

Instead of worrying about what product you are going to try when you want to go outside and enjoy a nice evening, have regular pest control services in Gaithersburg done and you will always be protected. Contact the professionals at Raven Termite and Pest Control for a free assessment and estimate on regular outdoor services.