Have You Noticed the Boxelder Bug Around Your Property?

What is a Boxelder Bug? The scientific name for this pest is Boisea Trivittatus. Boxelder bugs are mostly discovered in great numbers outdoors in summer. Yet, they do venture indoors as the weather cools in search of warmth. Reputable exterminators in Maryland can help determine if you have a Boxelder bug issue at your property.

How to Identify a Boxelder Bug- Learn More From Exterminators in Maryland 

A newly hatched Boxelder is about 1/16 inch in length and bright red. They grow to around ½ inch in length and their color turns to black with red or orange markings, and they have three stripes beneath their head.
Boxelder bugs belong to the same family of insects as cicadas and stink bugs. This family is known to have sucking and piercing mouths. Just like the stink bug, if you were to crush one, they emit an awful scent.

Climate/Environment a Boxelder Prefers

The Boxelder bug prefers warm areas and buildings with plenty of exposure to western and southern areas.
This pest also prefers stand-alone buildings or structures that are taller than others on a flat base area. They have no preference for a structure’s tint or color.

The Life-Cycle of a Boxelder Bug 

During the spring and early summer months, you will recognize Boxelder Bugs feeding on seeds and plants near the ground. A few weeks following when they begin feeding they will start to mate. Beginning mid-July, these bugs seek the female, boxelder trees that bear seeds. Rarely will one see these bugs on the male boxelder trees.
The Boxelder bugs will seek warmer areas as the weather begins to cool in the fall and early winter. They do this by pushing their way through tiny spaces and cracks in homes and other structures.
These bugs are generally inactive in cooler months. Although you might see this pest in large groups, single Boxelder bugs live only a few days to a week.

How to Keep this Pest out of Your Home

The best way to get rid of this pest is by calling exterminators in Maryland you trust. You can spray pesticides or insecticides to try ridding your property of these pests, however, the most efficient way is to hire a professional. Contact us to set up an appointment to rid your home of boxelder bugs.

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