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Exterminators for a Cockroach Problem

Cockroaches are an all too common problem for many people. These pests can quickly infest a home or business and cause a wide range of problems. Trying to eliminate cockroaches on your own isn't an easy task. Contacting Raven Termite and Pest Control when you need professional exterminators in Timonium is an excellent way to [...]

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Exterminator Eliminates Spider Infestation

Spiders can quickly infest a home. Unfortunately, eliminating them is never an easy task on your own. Common spiders in our area include the wolf spider, black widow, crab spider, and yellow house spider. Reaching out to a professional exterminator in Abington is a great way to get rid of spiders and give you much-needed [...]

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Exterminator to Remove Yellow Jacket Nests

Finding a swarm of wasps or bees around your home or business can be intimidating. Despite the  adage of "leave them alone and they will leave you alone," yellow jackets become aggressive towards the end of summer. If you notice wasps swarming be very careful or someone will get stung. In fact, some people will [...]

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What are the Flies in the Bathroom?

Drain flies, also commonly known as moth flies are small, dark-winged, non-biting gnats. Their wings are covered with scales, and they disintegrate in a cloud of fine dust when swatted or smashed. Drain flies can be found resting on walls or ceilings, and make short hopping flights if disturbed. Most likely seen in bathrooms, these [...]

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Discover Safe Pest Control

When pests invade, whether insects or rodents, it makes living in your home or working in your office extremely unpleasant. Selecting the right pest control company can not only remove even the worst infestations but also creates an environment where pests don't wish to return. If you need pest control in Bel Air, or elsewhere [...]

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Ants? You Need an Exterminator

Ants have been described by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) as America's #1 Pest. According to a study that surveyed pest exterminators, service calls for ant infestations have been steadily on the rise for several years. Unfortunately, many homeowners see a few ants in their homes and think it's a problem that will go [...]

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Exterminator to Remove Nuisance Birds

Many people enjoy feeding and watching a wide variety of birds. However, some birds quickly become a nuisance. House sparrows can be problematic, as they can easily adapt to a wide range of environments. These birds can make their home in an almost countless number of places, such as in dryer and attic vents or [...]

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Stop Groundhogs from Destroying Your Yard!

Do you ever wake up to find that your flowers are missing their buds or your vegetable garden has been ransacked? Maybe you are noticing holes all over your yard and have no idea how they are getting there. These are just a few signs that groundhogs (also known as woodchucks) are ransacking your property. [...]

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