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Keep Your Business Cockroach-Free

Did you know that there are several varieties of cockroaches? These creepy-looking insects cause misery for both businesses and homeowners. However, don't despair. Raven Termite and Pest Control, professional exterminators in Towson, and the surrounding areas, are here to help. Cockroach Varieties Found in the Area Numerous varieties of cockroaches are found in Maryland. The [...]

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Professional Exterminators Eliminate Attic Pests

Have you heard noises above your head or noticed an unusual odor in your attic? Rodents, especially when temperatures dip, look for cozy, warm places to nest. Your attic could be their first choice in real estate. The sooner you deal with an infestation, the more quickly you can eradicate these destructive critters from your [...]

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If You Suspect a Ladybug Infestation, Call a Professional

When most people think of pests, they think of mice, snakes, ants, and other bugs. However, over the last twenty years, some people have been facing a prettier pest. The Asian lady beetle, known to most as a ladybug, has been invading homes. The University of Kentucky Entomology department has reported a large increase of [...]

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Rodent Control Prevents Squirrel Damage

Squirrels can be fun animals to watch as they chase each other across yards and up trees, but once they enter your house the appeal quickly fades. Squirrels are able to gnaw through a large variety of materials and, if you are not careful, that can include the construction materials of your home. Once inside, [...]

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What is a Silverfish? Why is it in Your Bathroom?

Silverfish are wingless, teardrop-shaped insects that are silver to gunmetal gray in color. Although they are covered with scales, these small pests are not fish at all. They are nocturnal insects that are found all over the world. Silverfish tend to grow between 12-19 mm in length. Although they aren't known to transport disease or [...]

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Do You Smell a Skunk?

Skunks are among the world's most recognizable species. Their coal black fur with white striping is an immediate signal to stay away. While the skunk's potent odor is what most people and other animals are trying to avoid, the foul spray can also cause pain and discomfort if it comes in contact with the eye. [...]

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What is a Camel Cricket?

Camel crickets get their nickname from their humpbacked shape. Also called cave crickets or spider crickets, they often live in caves or under cool, moist leaves, rocks, and logs. Inside buildings, these pests often prefer basements and damp crawl spaces. They generally live about a year or two and exist across the country. Lacking the [...]

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Signs of a Spider Infestation

Have you noticed an increase in spiders in or outside of your home or business? If so, you might be concerned about whether or not you have a spider infestation. Pest control services in Prince George's County are frequently centered on controlling arachnid infestations. Although most spiders in the region pose little threat to humans, [...]

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History of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have taken over a huge portion of the United States and the epidemic seems to only be spreading. In the last decade, these hard-to-evict parasites have become number one on America's least-wanted list. We know where they are now, but where did these pests originate? Ancient Aggravation C. lecturlarius, the bed bug, has [...]

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