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House Crickets Can Be Annoying

House crickets are noisy little pests that can be recognized indoors normally around fireplaces, kitchens, and indoor heaters. They are also found around wood and mulch piles. They come inside seeking shelter from the outdoor elements. If you have noticed an infestation of crickets, pest control in Essex can help. How to Identify a House [...]

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Groundhogs Are Cute Until They’ve Invaded Your Space!

Groundhogs have a very public face with Punxotawny Phil checking for his shadow every year. But the truth is, these rodents can be very detrimental to your property and your home. When you discover that you have a groundhog problem you need to find pest control in Timonium that's reliable and fast. Groundhogs: How to [...]

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How Birds Can Negatively Impact Your Home

One of the joys of the outdoors is listening to the birds singing and seeing their beautiful colors weaving among the trees. It can be relaxing having birds in the trees around your home, but birds can also have a negative impact on your dwelling. If you need pest control in Rosedale, Raven Termite & [...]

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Pests Could Really Bug Your Potential Customers

Running a business takes a lot of time, money and energy, and you don't want pests to add to the frustrations. Pests in your business can create a lot of issues. Seeking professional pest control in Ellicott City and surrounding areas can help your business keep customers happy. Types of Pests and Their Impact on Customers [...]

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5 Ways to Prevent Ants From Taking Over Your Home

While warmer weather is a welcome change, it's also an ideal time for ants to enter your home and search for food. It can quickly get out of hand if you're not careful. You need to prevent them from entering your home as they can damage your home's structure. Get in touch with professionals in [...]

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Different Types of Spiders in the Home

Different Types of Spiders in the Home Spiders are everywhere, but there are different types depending on the region of the world you live in. In Maryland, there are twenty-nine different types of spiders, some more dangerous to humans than others. Not all spiders build webs, and it is hard to notice when you are [...]

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