Ticks are nasty little bugs that like to use humans and animals as hosts. They feed on blood, yes, like a vampire, but they can be very harmful as they often carry diseases. There are many different kinds of ticks and if you see them in or around your home, call an exterminator in Ellicott City to help you rid of the pests.

Types Of Ticks

There are many different types of ticks. While all of them have eight legs, they don’t feed on other bugs like spiders do, but rather on blood. They will attach to a human, livestock, pets, and even birds. They can live in rural or urban worlds and are most active in the spring and fall. While there are many different types of ticks, the two main families are hard and soft ticks. Hard ticks have a hard outer shell that is black in color. Soft ticks have rounded bodies and are more brown in color.

Disease Transmission- More From An Exterminator in Ellicott City

Not only is it gross to have a tick attached to you, or to your pet, but it can also be a danger. Ticks of any family can transmit diseases to humans and animals. It often takes a longer period of time for the tick to infest a host. With lyme disease, for example, a debilitating ailment, the tick needs to be attached to the host for 36-48 hours.

Check For Ticks

When you have been out in the woods, or you know there are ticks around your property, check your skin and your pets thoroughly for present ticks. The sooner you get them off, the better. You can use fine-tipped tweezers to grab the tick by the head and pull it out. You can also use petroleum jelly to loosen their hold, though that can cause them to blow more pathogens into the bloodstream, too.

Call An Exterminator in Ellicott City

If you have seen ticks in or around your house, you want them gone for the safety of your family and your pets. Contact the professionals at Raven Termite & Pest Control, an exterminator in Ellicott City, for information on treatment plans. We can give you a free stimate on any services you ight consider.