The most common rat found in Maryland is the brown rat, also known as the Norway rat. These brown or gray rodents are also referred to as street rats, sewer rats, and common rats.  Protecting your home and business from them is important because they carry disease and damage property. If you have a rat infestation and you need an exterminator in Baltimore City, Raven Termite and Pest Control will come up with a solution for you to keep them at bay.

How to Keep Rats Away

The best way to keep rats away is to keep your home or business clean from crumbs and lingering food. Pick up waste and keep trash cans closed. Make sure there aren’t any holes or openings around your home or building because rats will squeeze inside. If you have a pet, make sure their food isn’t left out. Keep your yard clean from any fruits or bird seed, as these can also attract rats. Dog food and leftovers should be stored in tight containers. If you have a cluttered yard with furniture, lumber, or car parts, tidy it up and remove all pieces you’re not using as rats will use these items to hide in and make nests. Additionally, add metal flashing to windows and seal off doors with door sweeps.

Signs You Have A Rat Infestation- More From an Exterminator in Baltimore City

Rodent droppings, which resemble grains of rice in the cupboard or under the sink, is the first major sign that you have a rat problem. Finding nesting material like fabric or dried plant matter in the attic or under eaves is also another sign. Keep an eye out for gnaw marks on wires and furniture and rub marks that resemble grease on walls and objects. Raven Termite and Pest Control, an exterminator in Baltimore City can remove the infestation quickly and efficiently.

Looking for An Exterminator in Baltimore City?

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