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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Pests During Storms

Your home might be a fortress on a normal day, but when a storm rolls through, any home is vulnerable to damage. Not only will you want to watch for leaks and other damage, but you also want to consider what pests can get into the home. Professionals in pest control in Timomium can help [...]

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Wasp or Bee: What’s the Difference?

You don't need to be able to tell wasps and bees apart to know they can be a pain to deal with. Still, it's a good idea to understand the basic differences so you have a better handle on potential situations at your home or business. Pest control services in Reisterstown can help, too! Physical [...]

By |2022-04-28T09:02:51-04:00April 28th, 2022|

Squirrels Are Nuts. How Do You Keep Them Away?

Squirrels can be cute and fun to watch, but these positive attributes go only so far. Having them in your yard can be a burden. In Maryland, four types of these creatures are common: gray, red, flying, and fox. The flying and gray varieties tend to be the ones breaking into homes and causing the [...]

By |2022-04-24T02:05:10-04:00April 24th, 2022|

Ladybugs – Love Them or Hate Them?

Ladybugs attract children with their bright, lively colors. They are also rumored to be lucky. But are they really something you want in your home? Not exactly. Ladybugs are just that--bugs. And when they move in, you might need pest control in Baltimore. Here are a few ways in which ladybugs are helpful and a [...]

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Spider Crickets- Did That Spider Just Jump?

  Spider crickets have a bad habit. They tend to jump at things that startle them. If you come across one, it might leap at you if you scare it. This is a defense mechanism for them, but it can be most unpleasant for you. They aren't really trying to attack you or harm you, [...]

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What Are House Centipedes, and How Did They Get Into My Home?

House centipedes are creepy, crawly bugs and when you see one, you might startle because of their appearance. They are long, slender bugs that look like they have hundreds of legs coming from their bodies. These insects move fast and like to hide. When you see one in your home, there are likely more, and [...]

By |2022-04-11T12:55:01-04:00April 11th, 2022|

Spring is on the Horizon, and Bugs Will Be Too!

Most people look forward to the spring months and the warmer temperatures--and so do most bugs. As a homeowner, you are going to want to do what you can to combat those bugs as the temperatures rise so you can avoid annoyances and infestations within your home. You can always call an exterminator in Glen [...]

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite, Especially on Vacation

Vacations are meant to be relaxing times away, but when you get home, you can bring with you something besides a tan and souvenirs. Bed bugs can be a part of any vacation scenario and there are pest control in Reisterstown options to help you prevent this nasty bug from biting you and following you [...]

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