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Winter Preventative Pest Control is Vital

As winter approaches, there's a decrease in mosquitoes, flies, and bees. We are grateful that the cold weather brings relief from these nuisance bugs. However, the lack of these bugs doesn't equate to the elimination of all pests during winter. For example, plenty of rodents seek shelter indoors when cold weather arrives. If you need [...]

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Pest Control to Eradicate Silverfish

Silverfish are nocturnal insects with a flattened body covered in scales. Silverfish will often eat paper and cellulose, but they can also go weeks without food. These pests can easily destroy paper and books while also causing damage to your carpet and fabrics. If you see a lot of these insects scuttling around your home, [...]

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Discover the Benefits of Regular Pest Control

Our area is home to a wide range of bugs that make their way indoors, such as fruit flies, carpenter ants, stink bugs, spiders, and cockroaches. Consequently, dealing with pests is an all too common problem for homeowners across Washington DC and Baltimore. Many pests easily infest homes and are impossible to remove without contacting [...]

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Cluster Flies? You Need Pest Control

Many people are used to dealing with house flies during the summer months. However, cluster flies are another common pest during the fall season in Maryland. Cluster flies are active on warm days, as they tend to make their homes in attics and wall voids. These flies are native to Europe but eventually made their [...]

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Do You Need Pest Control for Cicada Killers?

Have you heard of a type of wasp known as a cicada killer? These insects burrow into the ground where they make nests in lawns, creating unsightly holes. Their burrows can be quite deep, posing structural threats when close to concrete pathways. Beware of them in lawns where people may get hurt when stepping on [...]

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Safe Pest Control During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise and not in a good way. However, while there is a fear of the virus around the globe, pests haven't gone on vacation! Having pests in your home or office can be a terrible experience. Whether you're dealing with insects, rodents, birds, or wildlife, you want [...]

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Discover Safe Pest Control

When pests invade, whether insects or rodents, it makes living in your home or working in your office extremely unpleasant. Selecting the right pest control company can not only remove even the worst infestations but also creates an environment where pests don't wish to return. If you need pest control in Bel Air, or elsewhere [...]

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Regular Pest Control in Montgomery County Brings Peace of Mind

It is natural for a bug or two to wiggle their way into a home. However, it is more common for insects and rodents to become a part of everyday life if you neglect preventative measures. Unfortunately, pests often become an even bigger issue once they multiply. You can control pests by hiring a pest [...]

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Pest Control for Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles can cause serious problems when they invade a home. Whether you believe you have an infestation, or you need advice on how to prevent these pests from entering your property, at Raven Termite and Pest Control we have the information you need. As a leading expert in pest control in Annapolis, Baltimore and [...]

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