When ants move into your home, your first reaction might be to call an exterminator in Maryland, and that’s never a bad idea. However, you can try some DIY treatments as well to help the issue on a short-term level. Here are some DIY treatments to try out.

Powdered Sugar And Borix Acid

If you combine one part boric acid with three parts powdered sugar, you can lure the ants into the sweet sugar and the acid will then kill them. You may want to water down the concotion as ants like to drink their food. You don’t want to have this mixture around other pets, however, because it can harm them as well.

Soapy Mixture Sprays- More From an Exterminator in Maryland

When you see ants, you can spray them with water, soap, and oil. You can also leave that out in a dish and they will be attracted to the oil, but the soap will kill them. It can also help to destroy the scent that other ants leave behind.

Home Sprays

Many people will simply spray around their home with over the counter ant killers and that can help to kill off any ants that are present.

Permanent Solutions

Ants are going to be around your home, but you don’t want them coming inside. Once you see one ant, you know there are many more inside that you don’t see. You can fight them with some of these DIY remedies, but the most reliable solution will come from the exterminator. As soon as you recognize you have an ant invasion, you may want to call those professionals for help. Or, if you really want to prevent the ants from getting inside in the first place, the professionals can also help you with preventative measures.

Calling an Exterminator in Maryland

Ask friends and family members for recommendations so you can work with a trusted company that others in your area have used and had success with. You can also look up websites and read outside reviews to get the information you need. The experts at Raven Termite are here to answer any of your questions and give you a free assessment and estimate whenever you need us.